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Call it dogged determination.

This spring, MDOT Secretary Gregory Slater put out the call to employees for pictures of their furry teleworking companions – and photos came in faster than you can say Chihuahua.

In just a few days, we got well over 100 photos, along with all sorts of information – tributes to individual pets, stories behind certain names and descriptions of a few unusual breeds. And the pictures kept pouring in through spring and into summer.

Some of the pets weren’t even furry – like Battery the axolotl. (That’s a type of salamander, for those unschooled on amphibians).

And some pets might be more at home in a toy store than a breeding facility, like Oscar the teddy bear and his plush companions.

Mostly, though, there were lots of dogs and cats, a few of which seemed mesmerized by their owners’ computers or fascinated by the sights and sounds of a conference call.

Whatever the case, MDOT employees were appreciative of their pets’ company.

So, sit back, relax and watch the first in a series of MDOT pet videos.