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Ever wonder why dredging is so important at the Port of Baltimore?

It keeps shipping channels open – and the supply chain moving, even during the COVID -19 health crisis, said Katrina Jones, outreach coordinator for Harbor Development at the Maryland Department of Transportation Maryland Port Administration (MDT MPA).

“Without dredging, the household goods, clothing, automobiles and medical supplies that we rely on could not reach our port and then be distributed where they’re needed most,” she said.

She’s responsible for public and community engagement and environmental education associated with the dredged materials management program.

Jones said she’s gratified to know the material has been used to restore thousands of acres of valuable habitat in the Chesapeake Bay, sites which are visited by thousands of children every year who learn more about the port.

The current placement sites for dredged material are: Masonville in Baltimore City, Cox Creek in Anne Arundel County and Poplar Island in the Chesapeake Bay.

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