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While most sports professionals have not been on the field during the COVID-19 pandemicthe team at the Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA) has continued its all-star efforts. The MDTA’s All-Star cards, which are featured on social media, provide a chance to highlight the continuing work of MDTA’s essential workers during these challenging times.

Some of the MDTA All-Stars featured thus far include:

Darren Mitchell – Field Technician, MDTA Division of Information Technology – Darren and all the members of MDTA DoIT were instrumental in the transition to teleworking during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Senior Officer Dunn – MDTA Police, BWI/TM Airport Detachment – Senior Officer Dunn has coordinated the MDTA Police’s participation at 56 dignified transfer ceremonies of military heroes at BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport. 

Edgar Cisnero – Engineer Manager, MDTA Office of Engineering and Construction – Edgar was instrumental as part of the team that brought AllElectronic Tolling to the Bay Bridge this spring, ahead of schedule 

Ronald Whetsell – Bay Bridge Emergency Response Technician – Ronald was recently praised by a motorist who said he “quickly changed our tire and helped us get back on the road in record time! 

Officer Coleman – MDTA Police, Intercounty Connector Detachment – Officer Coleman received praise from a driver of a disabled vehicle she stopped to assist. 

Jack Looser – Intercounty Connector Emergency Recovery Technician – Jack’s stats for 2019 included over 200 tire changes, 24 crash assists and more than 500 stopped vehicle checks. 

MDTA Police Communications Unit – The MDTA Police Communications unit continues to keep the lines of communication during the COVID-19 pandemic open between MDTA Police, emergency services and the citizens of Maryland. 

Three cheers for all the MDTA All-Stars!